Service Offerings

Colt offers customized Revenue Share Models based upon the scope of work and services required.

Onsite ITAD Services include:

  • Onsite IT Asset Inventory/Validation Services: We inventory your end-of-life IT assets onsite.
  • Onsite Hard Drive Degaussing and Destruction Services: Scan your drives and destroy the data at your facility.
  • Onsite Hard Drive Sanitization Services: Wipe drives of all data.
  • Onsite Cellular Phone and Tablet Inventory/Wipe Services: Inventory and erase the data from each item.
  • Logistics: Onsite packing and logistics.

Offsite Services include all onsite services described above, with the following features available:

  • Asset Testing and Remarking: Full evaluation for reuse of all EOL IT Assets, inventoried onsite or delivered for settlement. Full disposition channel available to customers, cradle to grade.
  • Commodity Recovery: For those assets which do not meet valuation of functionality testing for remarketing, Colt will transform the materials for full-value reclamation of mill-ready scrap feedstocks.
  • Hard Drive or Mobile device Wiping, Degaussing, and Destruction: Based on customer preference. Commodity recovery or asset remarking based on valuation and customer disposition requirement
  • Certificate of Destruction and/or Certificate of Recycling
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