Environmental Assurances

It is the policy of Colt to operate its business as a sound corporate citizen in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2. We will maintain a health & safety program conforming to the best practices within the scrap recycling industry. Our goal is to ensure the covered facilities and operations are in compliance with federal, state and local environmental, health and safety standards, other compliance obligations and to continually improve the overall system. We believe that balance can and should be sustained between quality, environmental, safety and health goals and the facility’s economic health. We intend to be a leader in responsible management throughout our industry. The QEHS management system will define objectives for the prevention and reduction of pollution associated with recycling and related processes, to safeguard against adverse impact on the environment, and to protect worker wellness and safety. This requires each Colt Recycling employee to participate in and accept responsibility for achieving the following objectives:

  • Meet our customer requirements
  • Operate in a responsible manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Minimize or eliminate waste generation and emissions released to air, water & land including specific hazardous materials
  • Protect the environment through the promotion of efficient recycling & reuse practices
  • Identify and eliminate or minimize workplace hazards to the greatest extent possible
  • Respect and preserve worker health and safety

In compliance with R2, Colt’s practices are based on reuse, recover and disposal of end of life electronics equipment, and covers materials management on-site and throughout the recycling chain. This policy will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of our Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety management system.

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