Electronics Processing

Colt aspires to build awareness of the impact generated by the mismanaged disposal of electronic assets and provide the solutions necessary for the responsible domestic processing of all end-of-life or obsolete devices.

Colt’s domestic transformation process consists of the following capabilities in a turnkey automated processing line, capable of up to 20MM pounds per year, per facility.

  1. Primary and Secondary Shredding of Electronic Components to 1”
  2. Removal of Granular fraction <0.125” as feedstock for precious metals recovery
  3. Magnetic Separation of Ferrous Metals including mill-ready steel and stainless steel
  4. Automated Separation of Plastics using state-of-the-art optical sorting separation units
  5. Automated Separation of aluminum using high intensity nonferrous separation machines
  6. Final separation of precious-metal bearing circuit board scrap

Zero Landfill Disposal

At Colt, 100% of each electronic asset entrusted to the firm is recycled. Absolutely nothing is left to be disposed of in a landfill. All recycling is processed domestically to ensure the highest level of security for your organization.

Zero Export

Colt will not export any electronics to developing countries and continents such as China, India and Africa.

Responsible, Specialized Recycling

Many forms of scrap electronics contain other types of electronics requiring alternative management for maximum recovery. Colt only works with certified approved downstream partners with specialties in the successful management of fluorescent lamps, batteries (all types), and mercury-containing electric components. Colt follows USDOT’s HMR, 49CFR, parts 171-180 to insure compliance with federal, state and local transportation regulations.

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